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If you're looking for the perfect piece of equipment to help you to tone your butt and sculpt your thighs then look no further. These mini bands SLAY!

1. Home Workouts: Our mini bands are perfect for home use and making the most of a small space. They are suitable for both men and women.

2. Portable: Our mini bands are compact and lightweight and are perfect for travel!  You can take them to the gym or anywhere with it in your bag.

3. Low Impact: Great for any level of training with minimal impact on your joints and tendons: They provide low-impact resistance making them especially useful for rehabilitation and physical therapy for those who have had a recent injury or who have joint pain or are returning to exercise from a break.

4. Muscle Activation: Excellent for muscular activation and conditioning.  Our mini bands are an effective tool for the improvement of muscular strength and endurance.

5. Quality: Our 9 x 2 inch resistance loops are made of 100% natural latex (TPE free), eco-friendly and no smell.

6. Strength: Each durable exercise band has a different strength. You can choose one band for resistance training or combine the bands by stacking them together to give increased resistance levels for your workouts.

X-Light Band in Yellow (10-12lbs) - Beginner

Light Band in Green (15-20lbs) - Beginner

Medium Band in Blue(25-30lbs) - Intermediate

Heavy Band in Red (35-40lbs) - Intermediate

X-Heavy Band in Black(45-50lbs) - Advanced

They are designed to go with The Slay Challenge Stage 5 & 6.

Happy Slaying!