3 health investments you won't regret in 2021

3 health investments you won't regret in 2021

We’ve all heard the term health is wealth, but are our investments paying dividends or are they simply making somebody else rich.

I recently unsubscribed from WHOOP (my fitness and lifestyle tracker). Firstly, the subscription was purchased for me as a gift and it comes with a wrist strap that monitors your heart rate amongst other things daily.

Secondly, I noticed monthly payments of $30 leaving my account, and I started to question it's value. Even as a health and fitness expert and a person who geeks out on fitness data, I realized I'm not the type of person that geeks out on fitness data on a 'daily basis' but if there's a specific goal I'm working towards then I'm all about. I unsubscribed. 

2020 forced me to simplify my life. It gave me the time to look introspectively at the things that I was using on a daily basis and take stock of what I really value. 

I encourage you to do the same, and if you need some help going in the right direction especially where health and fitness is concerned then you might want to start with these 3 investments to make your fitness journey become more intentional. 

1. Invest in the best quality food you can afford

I'm forever being asked about nutrition and my advice is always the same aim to consume adequate amounts of fresh food daily. Typically, nothing is off the menu. It's more a question of how much is on the menu and with that in mind you can still meet your health and fitness goals and enjoy the food you eat.

My philosophy is, If you are going to eat chocolate cake, don't waste the opportunity on a chocolate any old chocolate cake. Let it be the most decadent cake you can afford. Quality over everything and behave when it comes to quantity.

I am always sizing up my clients, form the way the move to the things they say so that as a trainer I can best determine the agenda for the day. One of the things that address immediately with my clients so that they start out on the right foot - is footwear!

2. Invest in training equipment.


If you’re planning on running a lot in 20212, then invest in suitable running shoes. Not just any old running shoes. Shoes that are designed to support YOUR feet. Do you pronate? Do you need a lot of cushioning? How far are you planning on running on a weekly basis? 

And finally, you wouldn't hire a social media model to help with your accounts, but for some reason we trust them with our actual bodies? Be realistic about where you draw inspiration and where you draw information! 

3. Invest in expert advice.

The two things are not mutually exclusive, you can follow one person for their ab goals and one person for their abdominal progressions. The key here is to be able to learn something and apply it in order to achieve your own goals.

I hope you found these tips useful and for more guidance on that chocolate cake download my FREE NUTRITIONAL GUIDE.