Self-Control or Portion Control?

Self-Control or Portion Control?

Have you ever opened a bag of family-sized potato chips with the intention of having a handful, only to reach into the bag moments later to find that it's empty!!!

Yes - then this post is for you.

This has been ALL of us at some stage and if it hasn't then text me your secrets, I need to know your wizardry! There's just something about a savory snack that just warrants being consumed all-at-once!

One of the more clinical reasons being that carbohydrates are not satiating like proteins, they don't leave you feel satisfied, which is why it's so easy to demolish a whole bag of popcorn or potato chips in one sitting.  

Whilst there's nothing wrong with snacks at all. Issues arise when snacking is preventing you from living your best life and has detrimental effect on our physical, mental and emotional health.

I'm here to help you to unlock the secrets to moderation. 

Let's face it, most of us know what we need  to be doing with regards to living a healthier lifestyle. Eating less, moving more and moving better! So why is it so hard to get the balance right?

 Oftentimes, the reason we’re unsuccessful is not because a lack of intention but because a lack of understanding of what we need.

Some of us aren’t even aware of what we need because we haven’t asked the question yet?

And some of us set ourselves up for failure with lack of information or even misinformation. The truth is, the more information we have about what our individual nutritional requirements are the more informed decisions we can make for ourselves,  which leads to taking better actions which cause better results.

And trust me when I say I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen people successfully achieve their health and fitness goals and I’ve seen people pulling their hair out wondering where they’re going wrong.

The biggest factor that most people aren’t ready to address when setting their “body goals” is nutrition and it’s the most important factor of all. That doesn’t mean that training is ineffective, it just means that if you want to alter your body composition then training will only take you so far.

The burning questions we all need to be asking ourselves regarding food is...

"Do I have the necessary self-control to consume an appropriate amount of food or do I need portion control?" 

And if the answer is the latter, then the chances are you need to know what constitutes a portion size in relation to your goal. To learn more about portion sizes download my FREE NUTRITIONAL GUIDE now.

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