The 104 Diet is the biggest diet hack of 2021

The 104 Diet is the biggest diet hack of 2021

First of all Happy New Year. Congratulations on surviving 2020.

If you hate dieting and everything about diet culture and then read on...

Let's face it we've all been fallen victim to diet culture in some way or another. It's a pervasive industry that has thrived on female insecurities, rarely compensating the women it exploits with anything of any long-term value.

Well we're not only here to change that we are here to give you a system that will actually work for you in 2021. 

It's based on my belief that DIETS don't work - but SYSTEMS do!

Why it works?

The 104 diet is a system to get you to ACTUALLY stay on track of your nutrition in 2021!

Unlike most systems that encourage you to focus on what you can't have, the 104 diet is a celebration of what you can have. In fact it's part of the plan.


If you adhere to these basic principles then you will open the gateway to a leaner and healthier you in the next 12 months. 

If you're ready to get serious about your nutrition in 2021 then read on...

What is the 104 diet?

In order for this diet to work you need to have the right mindset. We all hate dieting, and diet culture sucks nuts. Fortunately for you, you have me and I'm going to change your mindset in one simple step. 

We are going to do away with all OBLIGATION. Let's assume you have zero obligation where your diet is concerned; only OPPORTUNITY!

OPPORTUNITY is way more exciting than obligation.

Now let me take a moment to remind you that you're a grown-ass (wo)man, so guess what...? You can eat whatever the hell you like, because you're paying for it with your grown-ass paycheck! That's wassup!

Now let me remind you that, that's not why you're here. You're here because YOU want to know how to stay on track. So let me break it down for you... right down to the basics.

You have 104 OPPORTUNITIES in 2021!


You have 52 weeks in 2021, to consume 1095 meals, that's 365 breakfasts. 365 lunches and 365 dinners!

If you want to follow the 90:10 rule and eat well 90% of the time that leaves 10% of your meals to eat for pleasure because let’s face it GOOD FOOD is GOOD. That’s 109 meals each year to enjoy. You should enjoy every meal but what I'm referring to here are cheat meals. 

If you take 109 meals and divide it by 52 weeks per year, you get 2 meals per week to enjoy.


So basically pick when you want those meals. Seeing as though it’s only 2 meals per week you might as well get into a routine and have those 2 meals on the weekend.

That means in order to stay on track you need home-cooked (preferably) healthy meals Monday through Friday. How you achieve that is up to you! Are you cooking?  Is someone else cooking? Are you meal prepping?

Does someone you know love you enough to meal prep for you? Or are you so freaking RICH you’ve got a chef? Whatever your budget in 2021 - if you can figure it out you’ve cracked how to stay on top of your nutrition through simple mathematics!

Now one final thing....

It’s important to REMEMBER the RULE is 2 MEALS PER WEEK! Not a breakfast, lunch and a damn dinner!! That would take your enjoyable meal total up to 327 meals per year and the ratio down to 70:30 that’s not what you said you wanted.

And remember diets don't work - systems do! 

If you need assistance with portion sizes or what to eat Monday through Friday then download our FREE NUTRITIONAL GUIDE.

 Let me know how you get on or if you have any systems that you've been applying to your own life @louisehazel on Instagram