Losing fat is hard...when you don't know where to start.  There is so much information that exists about the quickest and most efficient ways to make changes that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.  Below are 5 Fat Loss Secrets that are sure to yield not-so-secret results.



You can have the best workout of your life, but if you think that a monthly trip to group cycle will have any results other than a spiritual awakening and a new Spotify playlist, it may hinder your fat loss more than help it.  Consistency over time will always lead to better results than quick fixes and short term efforts.  When returning to exercise, schedule a minimum of 2 resistance workouts per week.  Aim for bouts of movement that are moderate in intensity, and gradually progress over a period of weeks by adding more load or reps to your exercises.  Some muscle soreness is to be expected, but fat loss will be, too.



Ever had a salad and then 2 hours later said “to hell with this pit in my stomach...give me that bag of potato chips”?

It’s no secret that nutrition is a key component to fat loss. Yes, we want to make sure we are creating a calorie deficit by burning more calories than we consume.  But to lose weight and sustain fat loss, it may be even more important to eat meals that are both low calorie AND satisfying. Ensure your meal is nutrient dense but includes elements that prevent you from reaching for the junk food an hour later.  This isn't a green light to go crazy.  Try something like the 104 Diet, which gives you a straightforward strategy for sustainable eating.



When it comes to movement, keep things simple.  Repeating exercises you know and feel comfortable with will allow you to focus on progressing the intensity of those movements rather than on learning a new exercise all together.  This simplicity actually enables you to get more out of your workouts, expend more calories, and make trackable improvements.

 Resistance training will lead to big fat loss...as long as the work is challenging (if you can do 100 reps without a break...it is not challenging). When in doubt, focus on a plan that includes movements that involve multiple joints and big muscle groups, such as the Slay Challenge




Studies are beginning to show that sleep and stress may have an even bigger impact on fat storage than what we eat.  Stress and sleep both impact hormones that play a huge factor in cravings, digestion, and recovery from workouts.  With that in mind, finding self care activities and building them into a morning and evening routine can reduce stress and aid in sleep quality, becoming a simple yet pivotal practice in your fat loss journey.  5 minutes of reading before bed and some focused breathwork can go a long way.



I want you to forget all your weaknesses for a moment.  Easier said the than done, right? But when it comes to exercise, focusing on what we do well can lead to more enjoyment, which is a huge factor in our ultimate fat loss success.  If you love to walk, walk.  If you love to dance, dance.  If you hate to run...well, don’t make a fitness plan that ONLY involves a treadmill.  Build 80 percent of your movement activities around your strengths, and the other 20 percent around a priority you want to improve upon.  One strategy is to figure out the “hardest thing you do well” and make it a staple of your workout.  Chances are, if you’re good at it you’ll be more inclined to push yourself while doing it (and enjoy yourself in the process).

 If you want more information on healthy fat loss then check out our 104 Diet. ANy questions fire them over to me @ericstrangis on IG.