Top 3 mistakes that cause mini-bands to snap!

Top 3 mistakes that cause mini-bands to snap!

We love mini bands. Not only are they great for toning your butt, they're an excellent tool for increasing muscular activation and decreasing injury. 

There's nothing worse than being half-way through your booty burn and ping, snap, pow! The band breaks!

Here are our top 3 tips to mini-band care:

1. Don't stretch a band to more than double its length

  • If your band is stretching that far it’s time to use the next level of resistance! Grab that thicker band and get back to slaying.

2. Don't clean your bands with hand sanitizer or harsh products

  • Some cleaners and detergents can weaken the latex material.  Opt for a cleaner that has a neutral PH balance or warm soapy water. 

3. Don't expose your bands to heat or prolonged sunlight

  • Avoid storing bands outside or in direct sunlight. Use a carrying case like this SLAY bag to keep your bands in great condition.

Slay Mini Bands with bag